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In-Motion is a series of dance movement images that I shot for the Museum Of Colour as a commission for their 2023/24 digital exhibition titled “A Very British Rhythm”. This exhibition was conceived to explore the contribution of dancers and choreographers from the Global Majority throughout 250 years of British dance history; Journalist and reviewer for The Reviews Hub, Flynn Hallman, May 2024. The launch was held on International Dance Day, Mon, 29 Apr 2024, at Sadler's Wells Theatre, London. As you gaze upon these "in-motion" shots, you will notice the dancer's face frozen in stillness, a moment of serene beauty amidst the whirlwind of movement, yet around them chronophotographic shapes and waves of light dance and intertwine to capture the ephemeral nature of motion and the enduring essence of identity that defines it. Each image in this series is a testament to the power of photography, to freeze time and preserve the magic of movement for eternity. Welcome to a visual journey where every frame tells a story of grace, passion, power and the timeless allure of dance. Step into a world where movement becomes art, where the dynamic energy of dance leaps from the frame and captivates your soul.

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